XS Car Night Worthersee Edition 2017 Image

Klagenfurt, Worthersee

XS Car Night Worthersee Edition 2017

Earlier this month a group of us took our first ever trip to Wörthersee, Austria which we'll have a feature up to follow on very soon. Coincidentally our trip to Wörthersee coincided with the XS Car Nights event so we decided to enter a few of our cars into the show. The standard of cars throughout the show was second to none, each car had something individual that stood out. Cars had travell



Alongside the event we have a huge range of merchandise available to order from anywhere in the world. From our classic clothing range to our limited edition official show merchandise, we have everything from stickers and lanyards, to hoodies and snapbacks. Throughout the year we trade at a number of automotive events across Europe, as well as having a pop up shop at FittedUK in July. 

“We're not sure exactly what makes FittedUK so great..We already can't wait until next year”

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