Earlier this month a group of us took our first ever trip to Wörthersee, Austria which we'll have a feature up to follow on very soon. Coincidentally our trip to Wörthersee coincided with the XS Car Nights event so we decided to enter a few of our cars into the show.

The standard of cars throughout the show was second to none, each car had something individual that stood out. Cars had travelled from all throughout Europe from various countries to attend the event.


Without a doubt the best car in the show for me was the Audi 90 Quattro ISMA GTO brought to the show by audi themselves. The 720bhp wide bodied beast is estimated to be worth $2,000,000 and sat centre stage open for the public to view, walk around and even touch. Such an amazing piece of motorsport history giving off an amazing presence at the show. 


The show also featured the worlds first Mercedes GTS on air ride on Rad48 wheels, with a matching colour scheme to some of the other Mercedes dotted around the first hall. I found myself walking around this thinking, how does somebody build something this high profile and keep it secret for so long? What made it even better is not only did we manage to see the cars parked up in the show, but a lot of the cars we actually saw driving around Wörthersee for the following week after.


 Not only did the show provide the best cars around Europe, it also included the live build of two RWB porsches by Akira Nakai San himself. From the UK car scene, its a rare chance you get to see an RWB in the flesh, but to be able to see two being built in the same evening is something special. You really get chance to understand the work that goes into the famous cars you see popping up all over your Instagram feed.  


  • Photography: Sam Dunderdale
  • Author: Sam Dunderdale
  • Location: Klagenfurt, Austria

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